Our Story

Through my entire life, I have been an avid athlete and water enthusiast. Whether it was playing sports, coaching, swimming in the local lakes, springs or fitness center. Conditioning and water have been a big part of my life. It is from both of these passions that the Water Weight Product line was born.

Although the fitness line was developed in 2021, the preliminary concept of reducing resistance after every repetition came over 20 years earlier during a workout routine at the Miami Dolphin and University of Miami workout facilities. As a young man I was amazed with the effectiveness of training with resistance to failure. The additional strength and endurance with the reduction in workout time was amazing.

Fast forward 20 years later, after a hot day on the construction site, I found myself wanting to get a quick workout while at the same time eliminating the heat. Bringing my steel weights to the pool was a fun workout but not necessarily the correct answer for obvious safety and functional reasons. However, after dozens of prototypes of trial and error, the design and development of the Water Weight product was completed.

The therapeutic and rehabilitation benefits of working out in water were later realized after  three members of the family were involved in an auto accident that resulted in a compressed spinal fractures, herniated disks and eventually a fused neck. The challenge of finding a comfortable and effective way to workout with weights was finally resolved with the Water Weight system. I wanted to create a way for my family to receive an effective full body workout safely with less stress on the body, giving stability and balance, all while staying cool and refreshed. 

So after years of research and product development I am proud to launch a product that can help others with their fitness goals. This product has been enjoyed  at the beach, local Gym swimming pool, fresh water springs, lakes and family pools.  Water Weight is the new Cool way to workout.

As a military family we are proud to keep our product 100% made and manufactured in the states. 

Made in the U.S.A.