Our Story

Being from a small town where the nearest gym is a 30 minute commute one way. Having to deal with the packed gym crowd, wait on equipment and miss quality time with friends and family just to get in a "quick workout". In addition to already working outside all day in the the Florida heat year round...... Water Weight was born.

I wanted to create a way to still get an effective full body wokrout from home through eccentric training (one of my personal favorite methods of training). This way I could avoid the crowded gym, the drive and spend time with my family during my workout. All while staying cool and refreshed. This is just a few of the many benefits Water Weight provides.

 A family of four with three having been involved in an accident that concluded of compressed spinal fractures, herniated disks and fused neck. I also wanted to create a more comforatble way for my family to enjoy their workouts.

Water is great for therapy and my family has benefited tremendously from it.

 Water Weight gives you a workout with a view. Whether it be your pool, hot tub, lake or the beach. Water Weight is the new COOL way to workout.