"Water Weight has created my new found favorite product for workouts in the pool, or pretty much anywhere! This product designed with you in mind. These weights are hollow and fill up with water when ready to use, allowing you to workout with as much or as little weight as you want AND you can adjust the Water Weight with a simple rotation!"
-Kim A.
Already assembled and ready to go out of the box, I love the design and ease of use. Really got a great workout, but without the sweat!"
- Tammy 
"I can't wait to get my Water Weights! The kids will be excited I can do my workout at the pool with them."
"Water Weight is an amazing product. Crazy pump. Great for the beach, springs or pool. Being a bodybuilder, I am always at the gym. Having been a personal trainer for over a decade this is a great tool to help you stay in shape. Overall 10/10."
"I love being able to change the weight with a simple rotation instead of having to alternate between multiple weights."
"I was able to relax and get a nice workout all at once using the resistance I wanted! Such a creative way of working out! I love it!"
"Water Weight is such a fun and unique way to workout. I enjoy being able to spend time with family at the pool while getting a workout. We even take it to the beach!"
"Working with Water Weight gave me balance, protected my joints and was the most refreshing workout experience. EVER!"
-Orthopeadic Surgeon
"I am an exercise addict. As I mature I am unable to do a strenuous workout. I recently was introduced to the Water Weight hydro workout. This is the perfect change up to accommodate mature adults who "live and love to exercise".
-Bobbie Jo